We bring the power of economic theory, statistics and history to bear on the issues and concerns of public and private sector organizations in Canada, the United States and the European Union. Our Minerva’s Owl team supports clients in:

  • Gaining deeper understanding of markets today and in the future
  • Making the business case for important investment decisions or policy changes
  • Meeting regulatory requirements.
Specifically, we conduct:

  • Economic cost-benefit and impact studies: for example, private sector investment in new capacity as well as acquisitions and divestitures, and public sector investment in plants, dams, bridges, and rail and road links and other infrastructure projects .
  • Competition and anti-trust studies: for example, estimates of market size, concentration, and power over price.
  • Income and pay equity reports: for example, the meeting of the requirements of equal pay for equal work legislation.
  • Costs of trade barriers and subsidies in international trade: for example, in North America, Europe, and the developing world.
  • Customized economic research: for example, econometric forecasting.

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