About us

The Managing Partner of Minerva’s Owl is Mr. Michael Hinton, M.A., a management consultant, a Fellow of the Rimini Centre for Economic Analysis, and past lecturer in economics at Concordia University. Educated at Queen’s University at Kingston and the University of Toronto, he is currently writing a book on Protection and the Growth of the Canadian Manufacturing. His most recent publication is “Infant industry protection and the growth of Canada’s cotton mills: A test of the Chang hypothesis,” forthcoming in a book to be published in March 2014 by the University of Toronto Press.  Michael has over 25 years experience in economic research and business consulting. His special areas of interest include: the measurement of productivity change and barriers to trade, cost-benefit analysis, and price and wage determination. He has conducted research for Alcan, Canada Post Corporation, Canadian National Railways, and The Canadian Section of the NAFTA Secretariat for the Administration of the Agreement’s Dispute Settlement Provisions. His most recent research paper, on growth and protection in Canadian cotton textiles, was presented at the June meetings of the Canadian Economics Association, and the August conference on Cities, Globalization, and Public Policy, hosted by the RCEA and the University of Toronto.