Minerva’s Owl?

Minerva was a Roman goddess of great power, the Greeks called her Athena.  To list her powers is to list the arts all great economic and business consultants must have:  wisdom, poetry, medicine, commerce, weaving, crafts, and – some would say, above all – magic! But you may well ask, why Minerva’s Owl?  Three reasons.

First, the owl, Minerva’s creature, is itself a concrete symbol of wisdom.  Wisdom is an essential foundation for any consultancy.

Second, the image of Minerva’s Owl has appeared on coins since antiquity and is said to be the most enduring image ever to be used on currency. Money is not all that an economic consultancy is about, but it is in the end what we believe our clients want us to be able to help them earn.

Third, and finally, the great Canadian economist, Harold Innis wrote a famous essay called “Minerva’s Owl”.  Innis’s point, which he in turn borrowed from the philosopher Hegal, was that “Minerva’s owl flies only at dusk” meaning it is only at the final hour that civilization, societies or great organizations achieve true wisdom. Bleak? Perhaps. But before you declare the cup half empty, consider that it may be half full.

It is our belief that clients will come to Minerva’s Owl when they need economic wisdom to win the day.  That is what our work at Minerva’s Owl is all about.